PRISE AppSecure File Storage in the Cloud

Keeping your critical and sensitive data safe is something you would rather have under your control than relying on the security features of cloud storage service providers. Too often have

  • software bugs, faulty configuration or operator errors in computing centers,
  • criminals that routinely break into computersystems or
  • careless, curious or avaricious employees

undermined data privacy.
Make sure your files that require protection are really save in Dropbox & Co as you control their security level.

PRISE stands for "PRovider Independend SEcurity".
Based on this idea, among security experts known as "Principle of Least Authority", we have developed this App.

  • Encrypt data right on your device: neither your Internet Provider nor your Cloud Storage Provider get to see your unencrypted data at any time
  • Don't rely on the kind of encryption your cloud storage provider may employ. PRISE derives cryptographically strong keys from your passwords. These keys are not stored and do not leave your devices.
  • Access encrypted files without any restrictions from your iPhones and iPads
  • Add the extra layer of security: don't rely on others trying to keep your data safe. PRISE puts your privacy in the most responsible hands - your own!